How To: Make It To Broadway with Andrew Pirozzi

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Join Broadway dancer, actor and all-around entertainer Andrew Pirozzi in a deeply illuminating and heartfelt discussion of just what it takes to follow your wildest dreams and make them a reality, and how those with dedication and passion can follow in his footsteps. He also shares some of the wildest stories from career, and the unexpected but life-changing way he made it to Broadway.

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Jump ahead in this episode:

Andrew’s Career: 4:15
The Critical Importance of Community: 23:55
The Role of Sven on Broadway: 28:00
How Passion Pushes You - 36:55
Advice for Aspiring Performers - 50:15


Andrew Pirozzi has been in the world of entertainment for over 15 years, and his credits are extensive. He appeared as a dancer at the Oscars, presented at the Tony’s, and has performed in numerous tv shows, movies, and televised stage performances like Grip and Electric, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and Hairspray Live! He officially made it to Broadway when he played the role of Sven in Disney’s Frozen, to widespread acclaim, a role which was featured in the New York Times and a character study video on He has also branched out into the world of singing and acting, and more than anything credits his continued success to the sense of community and heartfelt joy he approaches all of his work with.

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