April 25, 2021

How To Become A Comedian with Adam Mamawala

Adam Mamawala performing stand-up comedy for cover image of The Educator Podcast episode How To Become a Comedian with Adam Mamawala

Professional comedian Adam Mamawala takes us on a wild ride in this extended interview as he discusses his unique and remarkable life and breaks down what it takes to make it as a comedian today. He details his rise through the comedy world and all the challenges, hardships, glories and hilarious anecdotes he’s experienced along the way, and gives tons of advice for any aspiring comic, entertainer or really anyone looking to break out and make it on their own. Listen through the whole thing or check the show notes below to jump to a specific section.

Why Comedy? - 6:00
How Adam Started In Comedy  - 17:15
Leaving The College Circuit - 36:15
Making It As A NYC Comic - 42:20
Daily Life Of A Comedian - 57:10
Practical Advice - 1:03:50


Adam Mamawala is a professional comedian who has been active and successful in the field of comedy for close to 15 years. His breakout fame came early, when as a college student he won the 2007 NJ Comedy Festival and was crowned the “New Jersey King of Campus Comedy”, and was soon featured in Funny or Die’s Top 30 to Watch Under 30. Since then he’s headlined at Caroline’s on Broadway, performed in 40 states at colleges, comedy clubs and comedy festivals, appeared as a comedian and sketch comedy artist on MTV, Comedy Central, and BET, worked as a freelancer contributor to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and his 2017 standup comedy album “One of the Good Ones” debuted at #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts. Undeterred by Covid, he has performed in a variety of virtual format comedy shows and was recently featured in the New York Times for performing live on the 1 Train with the group Stand Up NY, a story that was picked up by media outlets across the globe. He has also recently branched out into acting and podcasting, and hosts two sports related podcasts, Away Games and HORSE, which was featured in the New York Times as a “Sports Podcast even a newbie can enjoy”.

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